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Welcome to Earth Wisdom

Earth Wisdom is a little shop tucked into an 80 acre woodland setting in Harrison Michigan. Earth Wisdom has a studio for Reiki & herb classes, Shamanic journeys, private Reiki sessions, Shamanic healing and Rune and Tarot readings.

Drum circles are held either in the open air pavilion, studio or Medicine Lodge as weather dictates.

The store is stocked with hand made smudge fans, raw hide drums & rattles, dried herbs, salves, tinctures, smudge sticks, and a variety of crystals & gemstones.

In addition to Reiki and herb classes, Vicki is available for Rune readings, personal Reiki and Shamanic sessions by appointment.

Earth Wisdom also hosts Seasonal Ceremonies & Celebrations in the Sacred Spiral, Medicine Lodge and Medicine Wheel that are maintained on the land.

Women's weekend camp retreats are hosted from May to October.


Earth Wisdom Services and Events

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Shaman Services


A Shaman works with Spirit and heals illness at the soul level.  They enter altered states of consciousness and act as a medium between spirit and physical worlds.  This may be achieved by various means such as meditation, repetitive drumming, rattling or chanting.  In such a state, they access information for themselves, clients and the community.  Sessions typically last approximately one hour and may be done in person, or remotely.

“Shaman” is an ancient term for a healer.  The term originates from a tribe in Siberia and translates to “one who knows”.  Shamanism is not a religion, but can be described as a nature based Spiritual practice.

Shamanic Drum Journeys 

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Past Life Regression

Private sessions as well as group sessions are held on site


Seasonal Events & Celebrations

Spend an entire day connecting with your Inner Goddess and other like-

minded women.

The day officially begins at 9am and typically ends at 9pm.

It is filled with many activities, workshops and ceremonies, sprinkled with just

the right amount of free time for rest, conversation or exploration of the

grounds. Each retreat is unique and the ceremonies, teachings and workshops

reflect the moon phase and seasonal calendar.

Retreats take place on 80 private, secluded, woodland acres in the heart of

Michigan’s lower peninsula.

You will spend the day moving between the Medicine Wheel to the woodland trails, to the large pavilion, fire rings, workshop studio and Medicine Lodge.

Examples of past activities at our workshops and ceremonies include:

Goddess Chi, henna art, making mugwort smudge bundles, Sun Salutations Yoga, Butterfly

dance in the Spiral, Fire Ceremony, Woodland Nature walk, making sacred

kinnickinic (4 sacred herb mix), performance by Native American dancers,

Water Ceremony, Drum circle, New Moon astrology, jingle scarf and dance,

Grandfather teachings, Fairy Supper, Tarot readings, Shamanic journey in the

Medicine Lodge and more!

As the day begins at 9am and typically ends at 9pm, you are welcome to bring

small campers and tents to spend Friday and/or Saturday night(s). Camping

is rustic. Private outdoor shower room available. Bonfires for both evenings

and outdoor kitchen for storing and preparing your own snacks and breakfast.

Donations for overnight camp are appreciated.

What is provided:

Lunch, dinner and beverages on Saturday

all craft and ceremony supplies

20x32’ pavilion for lounging and meals

Please bring your own foods if you have special dietary needs.

Bring /wear weather appropriate clothing & shoes, bug spray & sunscreen.

The cost for Women’s Retreat is $100.

Retreats are limited to 20 women ages 16 and older.

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your place.

Held rain or shine once a month, May-October.

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Reiki by Appointment

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words-Rei-which translates as “Spiritual Wisdom” and Ki, which is “life force energy”. 

So reiki is “Spiritually guided life force energy.”

While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is NOT a religion.  It has no dogma and there is nothing to believe in order to learn, give or receive Reiki. 

This life force energy comes from pure Source, God, Creator or whatever term you use in your personal belief system.

A Reiki treatment feels like a wonderful, glowing radiance that flows through and around you.  Reiki treats the whole person, including body, emotions, mind and spirit, creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being.

When receiving a reiki treatment, the client remains fully clothed and may either sit in a chair or recline on a massage table, depending on whether the whole body is being treated, or a specific ailment such as migraine or carpal tunnel. 

The practitioner may use light touch or hold their hands a few inches from the client.  Either way, the client will feel the energy and receive the benefits of this treatment.

Treatments may last as little as 15 minutes, but average 30 to 45 minutes and 60 minutes is not uncommon.

Earth Wisdom offers Reiki sessions by appointment and has Reiki classes for both Reiki I&II and Reiki Masters, several times a year.


Our Products

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Handcrafted Drums

Earth Wisdom specializes in hand-dyed deer hide shaman drums created from either elk or deer hide.
Our drum frames are created on-site using cedar, maple or oak and range in sizes from 12” to 16” diameter.


Handcrafted Rattles

Earth Wisdom specializes in hand-dyed deer hide rattles. Our rattles feature natural wood or antler handles some with hand painted designs as well as a variety of accents such as rabbit fur and beads.

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Handcrafted Drum Frames

Earth Wisdom drum frames are all hand made with either oak or maple wood, carefully selected, steamed, bent, glued and sanded by Tim Kibby available in sizes 13" through 16"

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Our Online Store

Visit our online store for a variety of unique items.

All drums, rattles, smudge fans and more are created with great care by Vicki Kibby in the Earth Wisdom workshop.

We have a large selection of drums and rattles that are currently not on our site. Please contact us if there is something specific you are looking for. 

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Earth Wisdom Drums

Earth Wisdom drums are created in a sacred manner which begins by paying

respect and giving thanks to the animal and to the tree from which the

materials are harvested.

Our drums are created from either elk or deer hide.

Our frames are cedar, maple or oak and range from 12” to 16” diameter.

We have not only natural hide drums, but also feature dyed drums in a variety

of colors and have hand painted drums.

We do some custom colors by

request. Also, rattles to match drums, by request.

Each drum is unique in it’s voice and vibration. Take time to connect with one that is just right for you.


Earth Wisdom Rattles

Think of your rattle as a type of power antenna with your rattle you can:

Detect and clear blocked energies

Invoke assistance of power animals and spirit guides

Create sacred space

Assist in shifting consciousness

Use in Shamanic Journey's

Use to accompany songs and chants

Earth Wisdom Rattles are created using grade A hides from wild harvested deer and elk.

The handles are taken from Mid-Michigan woodland and are maple, poplar, birch or wild cherry.

Prayers and thanks are given up each time a rattle is created for the spirit of the animal as well as the spirit of the tree.


Seasonal Ceremonies

A variety of Seasonal Ceremonies are held throughout the year at Earth Wisdom. 
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Customer Reviews


Everything about Earth Wisdom is amazing. I love my handmade drum and rattle. They sound and look beautiful and are reasonably priced. Vicky is so accommodating and kind. I have found a new light within Earth Wisdom.

Kasie Lee

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Vicki Kibby, the owner of Earth Wisdom, hosts Shamanic Journeys, Soul Retrievals, Reiki & herbalism Classes, Women’s retreats, ceremonies & Celebrations. Vick is an Herbalist, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Ordained Minister and a keeper of Grandmother Raven Medicine Lodge.
A Shamanic practitioner since 2009, Vicki received in depth training in Shamanic practice from several renowned Practitioners and is a member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS) where she can be found in their listings for Drum Circles. Vicki has traveled to Ireland for workshops at Dunderry Park with Martin Duffy, and has also taken workshops with Owen Roberts, Green Tara College in Ireland and several other wonderful instructors.
Vicki is a Reiki Master and has attuned many people to Reiki’s healing gift. She is an affiliate member of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT).
I have actively studied herbalism for over 15 yrs and earned my Certificate in Herbalism from the Chestnut School of herbal medicine.
All of Vicki's drums, rattles and smudge fans are created with great care in the Earth Wisdom workshop. She specializes in hand-dyed deer hide rattles and shaman drums on frames created by her husband Tim.


Frequently Asked Questions

Caring for your drum

Never leave your drum in a hot car or in prolonged humid or rainy conditions.
Extreme heat will cause your drum head to contract. Not only will your drum
not vibrate properly, it could cause either or both the hide and frame to split.
Prolonged humid conditions will allow the hide to soften and relax, resulting
in a dull thud sound. If your drum head is too tight from heat, try lightly
misting the head with water. If it is too humid, dry near fire or similar heat
source. The correct vibration should return within a few minutes. Often,

Return Policy

If you are not happy with your Earth Wisdom purchase for any reason please contact us.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and would like the opportunity to assist you with whatever issue may arise.

Please return your item within 14 days of receiving it, in the original shipping box for a full refund less original shipping fee. Buyer is responsible for all return shipping and handling fees. Kindly include reason for return.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal 
Other methods of payment may be accepted contact us for details


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565 S. Old State Ave Harrison MI United States 48625


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